3 Essential Steps to a Remarkable Year

Remarkable is the word that keeps coming to me as we start the New Year. remarkable is what you and your team want to be as you move through the year, quarter, or any specific time frame ahead of you. That which is remarkable leaves a legacy and has lasting impact.

Here are 3 essential steps to making your year remarkable.

Step 1

Be Grateful and Celebrate: Think of the upcoming events, experiences, and achievements that you already know your organization or business will have in the coming months. Plan on embracing them and being fully present for them. Have a team meeting and talk about them in advance, think of how to promote and share them with others, make room for them in your calendar, turn them into group celebrations, plan ahead and create ways to make them even more remarkable.

Step 2

Be Inspired and Commit: What will you and your team do that will be remarkable for yourselves internally and others externally. What will you bring to the year ahead, what will you initiate, influence, and support? What will it be, that at the end of this year, you will look back on and know without a doubt… what I did or who I was, what my team created this year, was remarkable!

Step 3

Be Bold and Daring: In order to be or do something that you consider remarkable you will need to step out of your personal comfort zone in some way. You will need to be temporarily uncomfortable and willing to be with the unfamiliar. You might need to embrace a particular way of being which you are not so familiar with, such as being more self-loving, committed, visible, outspoken, etc. You might need to simplify, make yourself a priority, or try the impossible. Choose how you will need to be towards yourself or in the world so that you can do something remarkable.

Here are some coaching tips to successfully take these 3 essential steps and make your year remarkable:

  • Stop talking yourself out of your own bright ideas.
  • Trust the process when you are trying something new.
  • Be accountable to someone who, giving your word to, will be taken seriously by you. Find someone who will celebrate your successes and discuss your failures.
  • Hire support: a certified executive and leadership development coach will take your individual and team potential to the next level. Remarkable doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Review the 3 steps and solidify what you know now: Share your current thoughts with others, to help move your own thinking and actions forward. You don’t have to have all of the answers to start. Talking about what you are grateful for, what you are committing to and what you will embrace that is out of your comfort zone, with trusted advisors will move your progress forward more quickly.

Cheers to arriving at the end of this year feeling and being remarkable!