Five Business Reputation Management Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Can inattention to Reputation Management hurt your business? Trust me when I say that negative remarks found by people doing a Google search of you or your business is no laughing matter. Not having the answers to this crucial issue years ago literally put me out of business in 2009. With that as background, what I have learned over the last six years has been incredibly valuable. Here are five key mistakes for you to avoid.

1. Not Being Aware of the Gravity of the Problem – Ignoring the fact that seemingly innocuous negative remarks on your SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page’s) will have enormous negative impact, is not an option. A single nasty remark on a company’s First Page can and will cost you in terms of customers, reduced revenues, a maligned reputation, and even the loss of your business.

2. Not Inspecting SERP’s on a Regular Basis – If you are not continually vigilant, damaging statements will slide up your SERP’s to the all-important First Page. The longer they are there, the more they will gain rank, Google relevance, and authority. Inspect constantly.

3. Not Acting Quickly Enough – Defamatory remarks are like cancer – the sooner you take steps to correct the problem, the more quickly a professional RM firm can annihilate the problem. Allowing the negatives to fester unabated can make the process more prolonged and expensive.

Unfortunately, people Googling your name will predictably gravitate toward negative remarks – exactly what you don’t want. It is always wise to deal with negative comments appearing anywhere in your first ten SERP’s, immediately and decisively.

4. Trying to Handle Reputation Management Issues “In-House” – Businesses too often think that their Webmaster or IT department is capable of a genuine Reputation Management solution. I can assure you – they are not. A business can lose valuable time and suffer incalculable damages if unqualified personnel are trusted with this complex issue. A company will be much better served hiring a trusted firm who is experienced specifically in Reputation Management solutions.

5. “Reactive” Reputation Management – Most people wait until they are diagnosed with cancer before getting serious about living a healthy lifestyle. Cancer prevention and healthy living should be a proactive concern long before one receives bad news.

Likewise, Reputation Management should be aggressively activated long before potentially nasty remarks ‘infest’ your first page. A healthy first page is one filled with Google-strong, high-authority, positive sites, pages, and links that are well-ensconced, difficult to dislodge, and in place well BEFORE a problem ever exists. Your first SERP is much less likely to be invaded by a sniper’s remarks if it is proactively fortified beforehand.

Be seriously mindful about your Reputation Management. Do not be cavalier or inattentive regarding the content of your Search Engine Results Pages. Take heed of these five important points, and your odds for success will be greatly improved.