Go Beyond Memorable, Become a Remarkable Networker

Networking, that vital business activity of building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships should be considered part of your marketing activities. It has something in common with advertising because it takes repeated exposures for someone to remember and become familiar with us. A previous article talked about becoming a memorable networker by being interested in the other person, by remembering them and by helping them remember you. Now that you are memorable, you want to move forward and become remarkable. Here are three ways to stand out in their mind.

Be Enthusiastic
There are few things more attractive than enthusiasm. It adds life to your features and makes other people want to share in that enthusiasm. They’ll remember you as the guy or gal who really enjoys life. Enthusiasm is contagious. Because you feel good when you’re with them, they’ll feel good about spending time with you. People remember those that really stand out and the positive association with your enthusiasm will be memorable. When people talk about you, they will comment on your enthusiasm. It is especially appreciated in an economy when so many people are down. Your energy will lift them up and that can be very remarkable.

Tell Stories
Don’t describe what you do in a dry, bullet-list format. Tell stories about the results you’ve created for your clients. Include the emotions they experienced and how you made them feel better or solved a problem for them. This goes back to people remembering how you made them feel. If you provide a story that makes them feel good, they’ll remember that they enjoyed hearing about your business instead of feeling bored. People love to tell their own stories, but they’ll pass along your remarkable stories, too. The more emotion you can put into a story, the more memorable it will be and the more likely it will be shared.

Be Remarkable
It’s not enough to simply be remembered when someone meets you for the second or third time. You want to be so memorable that you come to their mind regularly. You can help this with regular connections via phone, email or seeing them in person at networking events. You can also do this by being remarkable meaning you are so out of the ordinary in a positive way that they will talk about and think about you when you’re not reminding them. For business people this translates into referrals and a great reputation. To become remarkable, you’ll want to make them feel great, you’ll want to prove your value and trustworthiness to them and you’ll want to treat them as if they are remarkable to you.

If they remember you, they might think of you for referrals that fall into their lap. But if you become remarkable, they’ll talk about you and the experience they have when they are with you. Your reputation will build and you’ll find yourself with more business.