How to Become a Remarkable Business

Your business has the power to change lives. To do that it must become remarkable.

With the speed, volume and format of messages we’re bombarded with each day (easily more than 30,000 per day), it is even more important that you and your organisation be able to cut through the “white noise” to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. It’s the only way to facilitate your growth and longevity.

This is in addition to and integral to your USP. Your USP is not what you think. It is not your Unique Selling Point. Few people, if any, like being sold to and if your organisation is dependent on a point to differentiate yourself in your market you are in trouble. More on that as we go along.

So…how are you and your organisation remarkable or how could you become remarkable?

Seth Godin, best-selling author and futurist thinker has a great take on standing out in his book Purple Cow. Paul Dunn, a marketing whizz and chair of Buy 1 Give 1, has shared some insights on being remarkable via TEDx.

Actually, Paul recently expanded on this further. He co-created a new and remarkable phenomenon centred on embedded giving in business. The title of the presentation – REMARKABLE: Adding SPEED, Adding PURPOSE, Changing LIVES. Paul challenged the audience of leaders, executives and influencers of businesses and organizations to explore, examine and assimilate practical insights around these essential concepts. The correlations that Paul drew for organisations, regardless of size, were:

  1. Adding speed equals your WOW.
  2. Adding purpose is your WHY.
  3. Changing lives is uniquely named as your WOOW.

Paul has kindly allowed me to expand on his presentation based on some further insights that have arisen as this concept has burrowed deep into my thinking.

So here goes…


How do you add WOW?

Good question.

This relates to the little things that create huge differences in perception (and in reality) in your organisation. These transcend logic. They ‘cut through’. In effect, they add speed to who you are, what you do and your reputation. This little thing is often the last thing you do as seen by your team, clients and customers. It is this little thing that is the most remarkable. It could be the artwork on the foam of your latte that takes 6 seconds and a toothpick or, after an interview with a candidate for a position at your organisation, sending the next day a hand-written thank you on a card hand-crafted by your daughter. Often this has a high perceived value for the recipient but is actually a minimal investment to you. This little thing is not a cost; this little thing will help differentiate you in your market and attract new business and retain and build existing business.

Your WOW is centred around the value you deliver. Please note here that I did not say the value you offer. Why? Because what you offer and what you deliver can differ. It is essential that in practice these are the same – you deliver what you offer. However, your organization may intend to offer value but actually deliver less than was expected by the recipient of your product, service or interaction.

For clarity, the Oxford Dictionary defines value as:

n. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; the material or monetary worth of something.

In the recipient’s eyes it delivers a significant benefit. This applies internally within your organization to your people – from your cleaner to your administration team to your accounts department to your board. It also applies externally to your customers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Your WOW makes you profoundly and strategically different and adds to your USP – your Unique Strategic Promise.

On this concept please consider these questions:

  • What value are you currently delivering?
  • What can you do that will truly WOW your clients?
  • How could you add even more value that is truly WOW?
  • What makes you WOWnique?


Why do we do what we do? Why am I here? What is our purpose?

All are good questions. All are relevant questions in the uncertainty of today. This is about adding purpose, true meaning, to everything that you are and do for your organisation and for your market. Your WHY is centred on your values.

Again for clarity, the Oxford Dictionary defines values as:

Adj. principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life:

Your values are integral to who you are and will help define your purpose. Your values are a compass that will ensure you align with your purpose.

Keep in mind that people and organisations buy who you are and what you believe – your values and your purpose. Such people and organisations will, importantly, be the right people for you and your organisation whether as clients, investors, shareholders, employees or suppliers.

Knowing your purpose provides a sense of certainty, clarity, focus and impetus for your progress, growth, development and, yes, success – whether as an organization, team or individual. When your organisation, for example, has a WHY of bringing VISION to people’s lives through its exceptional high definition television sets AND, through its socially responsible embedded giving to a charity which brings VISION to blind people, you get this concept.

Regrettably, many people and organisations have yet to fully address this question of their purpose and, for that matter, their values. Both are not meant to be just something on your website and your wall to which lip-service is given by one and/or all in your organisation. These are what you are meant to be known for and make up your reputation and your credibility. They mean something!

Without your WHY you will be relegated to the crowd losing market share and possibly going bust or you will be redundant uncertain what to do next – lost and purposeless.

Today never has it been more important to really understand your purpose. It is a tough question and an unforgiving one when you face up to it and seek the answer. When you truly know, understand and live your WHY you perpetually ignite your organisation and you.

Your WHY enhances your organisation’s significance and is integral to your USP – your Unique Significant Purpose.

So what are your answers to these questions:

  • What is your WHY?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why do you get up each morning?
  • How are you adding purpose?
  • What are your values?
  • What makes you WHYnique?



WOOW is deeper than WOW (just say it out loud and you’ll hear it!) It’s a transcendent concept centred around people and relationships. Your organisation’s success and significance is determined by the quality of relationships inside and outside your organisation.

This is about making true connections with people; it goes beyond transacting and beyond communicating. It is much deeper. It locks into the value you deliver and your values. When you connect you truly change lives. In fact you transform them. When you change you can change back; when you transform you cannot. When you connect people are being valued; they transform and so do you and your organisation. Remember the example of the high definition television business?

According to Oxford Dictionary again when you are valued you are:

Adj. considered to be important or beneficial; cherished.

You matter.

You can create amazing opportunities when you deliver value from your values. When you add connection with people and organisations where they feel and are valued that’s when WOOW happens and we go beyond creating amazing opportunities – that’s where we create potentially infinite opportunities of amazing significance. You evolve to a higher level of success, influence and significance.

Your WOOW creates synergy where connections and relationships are interdependent with your USP – your Unique Synergistic Partnerships.

Regarding your WOOW:

  • How are you changing lives?
  • How are you WOOW-ing your clients?
  • Who do you need to be and what do you need to do to ensure all your stakeholders are truly valued?
  • What makes you WOOWnique?


A few further points on your USP. To be remarkable:

  • You must add speed with your WOW delivered via your Unique Simplified Process.
  • You must add purpose with your WHY that is fuelled by your Unique Spurring Passion.
  • You must change lives with your WOOW applying your Unique Significant Persona.


Together your WOW, your WHY and your WOOW make you REMARKABLE, make you unique and, thereby, make your organization very attractive to your market. Your USP is so much more that a selling point.

To be REMARKABLE you must deliver VALUE from your VALUES to your VALUED clients. When you do that you will grow in VALUE, be known for your VALUES and be VALUED.

What makes your organisation REMARKABLE is your legacy that you leave in your market, in your clients and customers and in your people.