How to Turn Your Business Into a Remarkable One!

What is a Remarkable Business?

My definition of a remarkable business is – a business that serves its customers like no other on the planet.

The only purpose of any business – whatever the size – is to provide the highest possible service, value and result to every single person that inquires of you, asks advice from you and buys or invest from you.

If your business is a remarkable one, your competition will have no chance. Your business WILL be the compelling choice to your customers! You and Your business will be constantly written about, interviewed and publicised.

Let me share something by Seth Godin:

This is an essay about what it takes to create and sell something remarkable. It is a plea for originality, passion, guts and daring. You can’t be remarkable by following someone else who’s remarkable. One way to figure out a theory is to look at what’s working in the real world and determine what the successes have in common. But what could the Four Seasons and Motel 6 possibly have in common? Or Neiman-Marcus and Wal*Mart? Or Nokia (bringing out new hardware every 30 days or so) and Nintendo (marketing the same Game Boy 14 years in a row)? It’s like trying to drive looking in the rearview mirror. The thing that all these companies have in common is that they have nothing in common. They are outliers. They’re on the fringes. Superfast or superslow. Very exclusive or very cheap. Extremely big or extremely small. The reason it’s so hard to follow the leader is this: The leader is the leader precisely because he did something remarkable. And that remarkable thing is now taken-so it’s no longer remarkable when you decide to do it.” -Seth Godin, Fast Company/02.2003

My question to you is, as a small business where do you start? Where do you start turning your business in to a “Remarkable” one?

Go back to your Vision Statement (if you have one!). Make it your businesses Primary Purpose to be a remarkable one in your industry, county, country or worldwide and so on…

Look at every single process in your business and ask the question “how can i make it remarkable”?

What is the alternative? If you do not deliberately choose to be remarkable.. you are choosing to be ordinary. Ordinary businesses are always chasing customers, profits and what ever they can grab on the way. Long hours, poor team morale, dismal profits, too much hard work for very little return, price driven competition are typical symptoms of an ordinary (me too) business.

To be ordinary or “Remarkable” – it your choice!