Nine Ways To Make Your Business Remarkable

In what is an unforgiving global economy, there is little doubt that our businesses are under intense pressure to provide greater results on tighter budgets and shorter schedules. Every market is routinely asking us to be remarkable in our products and services. To be less than remarkable, especially in areas of customer service, information security, product quality or competitive pricing means taking the risk of losing customers on a large-scale. This reality requires businesses to strategically and continuously seek new demand and opportunity. Here are nine ways to help you make your business and your products and services remarkable.

Businesses like Amazon and iTunes set the example in creating new demand by redefining both their business and their market. They were innovative in growing their businesses and found ways to dominate their markets by aligning their products and services towards value hungry customers. They were successful in doing this because they focused on meeting their customers’ needs. They worked with knowledgeable and experienced teammates to identify new opportunities to meet these needs. They found new demand and then methodically took action to deliver innovative products and services that were welcomed and valued by their customers. Amazon and iTunes successfully created new markets where they remain leaders today. Value was defined, developed and integrated into existing business models. And make no mistake; this was done on purpose.

Other businesses can learn from these examples by forming their own experienced and knowledgeable teams to go after new demand in their own markets. It takes insight and courage to find and win new demand and then dominate this demand by setting the example. Your team will need leadership, close peer-to-peer relationships, deep customer specific knowledge of the market, and direct hands-on experience with the product or service. They also need skill in managing and integrating change.

Our businesses are free to choose to be remarkable, to maximize results in shorter timelines through innovative solutions. Experience tells us how:

1) Work with knowledgeable stakeholders and experienced professionals and expect them to bring forward new ideas or technologies that are noticed by the market. Welcome these ideas and then choose the best to work with you as you will need to create dominance to be the best.

2) Use insights between your clients and your own experiences, as this will produce amazingly quick and positive results.

3) Be the leader of your market by setting the example in your products and services, especially when customers and ethics are involved. By always setting the example in areas where your services touch your clients, you will capture new demand.

4) Provide dramatic improvements as these get noticed, especially in the area of pricing. Exceeding value and low cost expectations gets you noticed.

5) Assess your teams’ processes and procedures, as this will organize areas that may benefit from great organization. But be careful not to slow down opportunities, creativity and customer service. Exceed expectations while managing the opportunity.

6) Allow for easy communication between every member and stakeholder, especially in areas of customer service or where customers see or feel the impact of inefficiencies, poor quality or little value. Correct inefficiencies quickly and transparently when customers are involved. Expect collaboration between your team so opportunities and improvements happen quickly.

7) Measure performance of your products and services so that you can find improvements in quality and timeliness before your customers ask for or notice them. Align your activities performance goals towards value, innovation and quality as primary goals.

8) Look for ways where your services and the value of your products and services are explained for free and on demand. Use videos on your open website and ask for comments and feedback on all of your products and services.

9) Strive to be unique and the best option in your products and services.

During times of change and struggle, the only businesses that thrive and grow are those that interact with their customers and other stakeholders so that opportunities are taken advantage of as quickly as possible. This only happens when organizations and the individuals in them have the courage and skill to take the necessary and brave steps forward. These businesses see and win new demand because they are more nimble and able to more quickly consider unexpected opportunities. Including the need for finding and capturing new demand in your business’s strategic thinking will enable your business to tactically take every challenge and opportunity.