The Secret to Home Internet Businesses – Creating a Remarkable Strategy

Social Media Marketing is based on the principles of Inbound Marketing. The first principle of Inbound Marketing is to be remarkable, in fact to be the most remarkable at what you do in your chosen market niche.

For home Internet businesses that are associated with the same business opportunity this can be a double challenge. For companies that produce and market their own products they can set out from the design stage to be remarkable. Apple would be a good example of this approach, they focus on the ‘wow factor’ any new product they launch is going to produce.

However if you are in direct sales and you are marketing a product over which you have no design and manufacturing control you have to create a niche market.

Creating A Market Niche For Home Internet Businesses

To create a market niche you have to do the following:

  • Decide why you are in the business of direct selling. This has to be service based as opposed to being focused on you. An example might be, ‘To raise the level of financial awareness of average people to enable them to increase their wealth’. So now you have decided you are in the business of, ‘finance and wealth management’. If you type “wealth management” into Google you get 5.3M hits. So the good news is there is a huge market. The bad news there is a lot of competition.
  • So if you decide to change the search to “wealth management uk” the search drops to 5.3K far too small a market on the face of it. You need to establish the volume or number of searches performed to see if you can create a niche market. Anything at or below 10K is a good number because you have a chance to become a, ‘big fish in the pond’.
  • Once you have established a related key phrase using various software applications available your next step is market research. Your aim is to find a phrase or ‘niche’ where the competition is weak and create remarkable content that fits that phrase.

How Do Home Internet Businesses Create Remarkable Content

In the case of home Internet businesses remember YOU are the remarkable content. This is known as personal branding. Now remember you are aiming to project your reputation using social media marketing methods which are in the main free or low cost.

However the fact that Inbound Marketing techniques are low cost is only part of the reason you should focus on them. The main reason is they have 5 times the amount of paid for traffic on Google searches.

Being remarkable simply means you have to ‘stand out’ this means you need to find out the type of questions people in you niche are asking. Then you produce content; Blogs, Articles, Videos, Email Campaigns, Twitter, Social Bookmarks and Social Networks which answer these questions.