Top 5 Small Business Marketing Books

Top 5 Marketing Books

There is certainly no shortage of great marketing books out there, but I thought I would take a shot at putting together my personal top 5. There’s not really a science behind them, they are just the books that I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from.

1. The Purple Cow; by Seth Godin

By far, Seth Godin is my favorite author for many reasons. I love his straightforward and no-nonsense writing style, combined with ideas and concepts that simply make sense. Even though I have many books by Seth Godin, The Purple Cow had the most impact on me because it centers around making your business remarkable.

It really helps you look at your business from a branding standpoint. What makes you special? What makes you different? How are you going to be different – in a remarkable way – than the other companies out there that do the same stuff you do?

2. Made to Stick; by Chip & Dan Heath

Made to Stick really hit me in every area of my career as a professional speaker, marketer, and writer. Nothing is more vital to me than getting my messages and my ideas to resonate… to stick with my audience.

This book is a MUST for anyone who constantly needs to present concepts to others that they want them to remember. Authors, salespeople, presenters, speakers, marketers, copywriters will all benefit from this book.

They focus your ability to make your messages “stick” through 6 SUCCESS principles. SUCCESS is an acronym for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, and Story. Using several of these principles in your messaging will make it far more effective and memorable.

3. Selling the Invisible; by Harry Beckwith

Even though Selling the Invisible would be considered an “older” book, being published in 1997, it still is absolutely chock-full of golden marketing nuggets. In fact, nuggets is a good word because this is the first time I ever saw a book that was written with this short, blogging style – long before blogs were even popular.

You can jump anywhere in this book and find masterful marketing and selling ideas. He also writes in a no-nonsense style that I like, eliminating the “fluff and stuff” and getting right to the valuable points.

4. Six Pixels of Separation; by Mitch Joel

There are plenty of books that tell you how to do Social Media Marketing, but very few tell you why to do Social Media Marketing quite as well as Mitch Joel does. He presents the core concepts behind Social Media and share fascinating stories and case studies along the way.

Six Pixels of Separation helps you create an overall plan with your Social Media, so that you have a purpose for being out there, rather than simply talking to no one. He also offers insights into how you transition those online relationships into real-world relationships that produce results for your business.

5. The Brand Called You; by Peter Montoya

This book really helped me focus my attention on my most important product in every venture I pursue, and that is me. In The Brand Called You, Peter really helps you realize the importance and value to building your personal brand.

No matter what your business industry is, chances are, people are doing business with you because of you. One of the things I really like about the book is the fact that within each chapter, Peter offers a breakdown of the steps you can take, so there’s no room for missing out on what you do with the valuable information provided.